Brexit: Boundaries, percentages, and the contradictory requests.

Note: This was initially written on 31/01/2020.

Brexit- some refuse to accept the final result: 52% – 48%. They say democracy did not cease upon the referendum result. However true that may be, that argument cannot be used in weight of a second referendum, for it results in an endless call for referenda on the very same issue. The line must be drawn in the sand, and the phrase “once in a lifetime vote” must live up to its truth and promise.

If they are to have any argument at all, it should be presented with true and proper boundaries. Dictating and clarifying the ratio at which democratic results are accepted. If 52% of the population vote for a result, and they cry it is too fine of a margin to be a deciding factor, then what is their accepted guideline and why did they not state or lobby for this prior to the vote?

If, however, they argue that the facts were not clearly presented to the population in the lead-up to the vote, then the very same argument could also be presented by the opposing side (the Brexiteers), had the ‘Remainers’ won. For the ‘scare-mongering’ and other great various claims were made that the UK would be thrown into the abyss if we were to leave the European Union. This would then also see the likes of Nigel Farage and those fronting the Leave campaign to continue pushing throughout the subsequent years and maybe even decades for another vote. Would those Remainers whom requested another vote in 2016 done so had they won under the pretences of ‘democracy doesn’t stop after the initial vote’? Alas, they seek their end through contradictory means.

It is pertinent to make note, that the Brexit that was eventually implemented, may not necessarily be the Brexit those voters had in mind when declaring their decision to leave the European Union. Therefore the arguments against Brexit must be made upon the facts that were at hand during the time, and not the result we say today- for the result was and is a concoction of so many paths and variables the British governing party could have taken.

Today we say goodbye to the political European Union, and hello to the wider and more broader scope of relations, as far as the waves take us upon the oceans of the world. For already drawn parts of the map will remain in good standing, but discovery is on the agenda and further drawing is to be made.

Allow prosperity to run throughout the sails, and the wind of good fortune to push us in its direction of gravity- here is to a new Britania.

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