What is your existence if you do not question your existence?

Hath thou forgotten? Know ye, that all thy doings are not from thyself, nay, but from the most Glorious and Exalted God.

Success is not measured by the possessions you have accumulated, but by the manners and good character you have acquired.

Happiness is not a final destination you will reach in this world. Happiness is the moments of goodness that you experience throughout your life and share with others. It is an outlook on life itself.

I feel most free when I hear nothing.

If you are not willing to speak the truth, you are not willing to live. For speaking the truth encompasses the true meaning of life.

Whatever language one may speak, speaking with words that have accurate meanings, constructing sentences that form a proper understanding, and expressing oneself in a correct manner, is all part of guarding one’s tongue and implementing true communication.

The beauty of an act of kindness is in the secret of not expressing it.