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  • Locke’s arguments for limiting the extension of toleration

    John Locke, a prominent and religiously-devout man was a witness to a problematic society full of bloodshed, glory and the attainment or defence, depending upon one’s position within society, of political and religious power.

  • Brexit: Boundaries, percentages, and the contradictory requests.

    Note: This was initially written on 31/01/2020. Brexit- some refuse to accept the final result: 52% – 48%. They say democracy did not cease upon the referendum result. However true that may be, that argument cannot be used in weight of a second referendum, for it results in an endless call for referenda on the…

  • Bernard Haykel: ‘Untamed Wahhabism’ squared with ISIS ideology.

    Wahhabism and so-called Islamic State may have a lot in common, they may share similar goals and visions of what a Muslim empire or state should look like, they may even both preach from the same ‘scholars’ and books, and one may even go as far as to say that the majority of those individuals…